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Have You Tried Doing Nothing?

Have you tried doing nothing? How uninspiring to ask such a question. In a world where we wear 'busy' as a badge of honor, who would want to do nothing? But why does doing nothing seem so trivial, and yet, is such a challenge?

Our quest to make a mark on this world leaves us hustling between multiple objectives, wanting to accomplish them all. But, clearly, by spending our lives anxiously lusting after the future, we are missing to recognize the beauty of the present moment. Also, our constant wrestle with the problems with consciously planned solutions is leading us nowhere. Maybe it’s high time we let the unconscious thought process take over to get in tune with our inner selves and emotional needs. So, should we drop everything and sit idle? Wouldn't 'doing nothing' make us good for nothing? This book challenges the stigma and very perception of what it means to ‘do nothing’. It will introduce you to the versatility of this phrase which we often synonymize with time-wasting. Here's your ticket to the journey towards your own self, simply by doing nothing.

"Have You Tried Doing Nothing" is available in paperback and E-book version worldwide Now!

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